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The Name

What Is With The Name? Pink Poodle PR, powered by PR Marketing, LLC established 2002 ​is inspired by the attention-loving nature of poodles. Just as these intelligent dogs may ​develop habits like nuisance barking when overlooked, businesses, too, can falter without ​the spotlight. Our marketing approach is centered on the significance of attention. We ​believe that capturing and maintaining focus is the key to successful brand communication. ​Through strategic campaigns and engaging storytelling, we ensure that your business stands ​out in a crowded market. At Pink Poodle PR, we understand the power of attention and use ​it to create a lasting impact for your brand.

Get to Know Monette

Monette's legacy, spanning 23 years in business, traces its origins back to a time when pagers ​orchestrated the cadence of communication. From humble beginnings with a mere $1,000, Monette ​embarked on a journey that has evolved into a living testament to the enduring power of adaptability and ​resilience.

As we traverse the landscapes of the digital age, we reverently honor the trailblazing spirit of our ​founder, Monette Smith. Her remarkable journey underscores a pivotal truth: the ability to craft ​attention in the right way is the cornerstone of successful business endeavors.

Monette, driven by an unyielding passion for her clients, is a virtuoso in the art of crafting experiences ​that transcend the ordinary. Far more than a transaction, her approach is deeply rooted in creativity, ​transforming each interaction into a canvas for innovation and profound connection.

In this ever-evolving digital panorama, Monette's legacy stands tall, acknowledging the transformative ​impact of technology on culture and self-representation. As we reflect on 23 years of unwavering ​dedication and growth from an initial investment of $1,000, we recognize the blessings inherent in the ​diverse relationships forged along this remarkable journey.

Guided by Monette's commitment to precision and creativity, we navigate the currents of change with ​confidence, propelled forward by the legacy of a visionary who dared to start with a modest sum and ​transform it into an enduring tale of success.

xo, Monette Smith

Services Offered

Public Relations (PR):

Media Relations

Press Release Development and Distribution

Crisis Communication

Reputation Management

Event Planning and Management

Corporate Communications

Stakeholder Engagement

Social Media Services:

Social Media Strategy Development

Content Creation and Curation

Social Media Advertising

Community Management

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Analytics and Reporting

Social Media Training and Workshops

Digital Services:

Website Development and Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

E-commerce Solutions

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Marketing Consultation:

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Strategy Development

Customer Segmentation

Marketing Workshops and Training

Event Management:

Event Conceptualization and Planning

Venue Selection and Logistics

RSVP Management

On-site Coordination

Post-Event Analysis

Content Creation:


Graphic Design

Video Production




Creative Concept Development

Campaign Strategy and Planning

Print Advertising

Broadcast Advertising (TV and ​Radio)

Online Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Direct Mail Campaigns


Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Brand Identity Development

Brand Guidelines

Brand Positioning

A Few Of Our Clients

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